Does My Image Qualify?

Promotional PopSockets pricing tier is split into two categories, Single Color and Multi-Color. Single Color images use only one color in the graphic. This can include any color in the color spectrum including black. Multi-Color images are for graphics that have grayscale, a color gradient, or a combination of colors. If you are unsure if you image qualifies as Single Color or Multi-Color please contact Images are reviewed for accurate ink color categorization. 

Images that are marked Single Color but qualify as Multi-Color will be cancelled.  

Single Color Image Qualifiers

Black and White Logo

Single Color Icon

The graphics above use only one color and therefore count as Single Color. 

Multi-Color Image Qualifiers

Grayscale Icon

The graphics above use multiple colors and therefore count as multi-color. The graphic on the left uses grayscale, the graphic in the middle uses a color gradient and the graphic on the right uses multiple colors.